AAN presentations from Penn Neurology residents

The annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology will be held in April in Boston, Massachusetts. Several Penn neurology residents will be presenting their work in poster and platform sessions.


  • A case of CNS Lyme disease presenting with multiple cranial neuropathies and mimicking a B cell lymphoma. Christopher Perrone, Denise Xu, Taneeta Ganguly, Donna Kurowski, Michael Mullen, Amy Pruitt
  • An examination of lymphocyte subpopulations in MS patients on dimethyl fumarate before and after therapy coupled with analysis of JCV testing. Christopher Perrone, Eric Williamson
  • Ensuring adequate nutrition delivery in the neurointensive care unit. Do D, VanDerWerf J, McKenna J, Young B, Kennedy S, Holder K, Hermann D, and Chandler J.
  • Intra-hematomal hypodensity detected by computed tomography and risk of hemorrhage expansion in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage. VanDerWerf J, Kurowski D, Siegler J, Ganguly T, and Cucchiara B.
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Autoantibodies to Contactin-associated protein-like 2 (Caspr2). Kristina R. Patterson and Eric Lancaster
  • AIDS-associated upper motor neuron disease with unique radiographic findings. Johannes Pulst-Korenberg, Sami L. Khella, Joseph Berger.


  • Inter-Provider Communication Using a Scheduled Provider Alert-Response Communication System (SPARCS) in 3 Inpatient Neurology Units. Siegler JE, Finegan D, Kasner S, Price R.


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