Future leaders in healthcare quality

Penn Neurology residents have the option of organizing their elective time along different academic tracks. The Healthcare Leadership in Quality Track is part of a larger program at the University of Pennsylvania Health System that integrates a didactic curriculum and practical, unit-based leadership in assessing and improving the delivery of health care. Neena Cherayil and Susanna O'Kula, members of the class of 2019, were selected from a large pool of applicants this year to join the program.

Involvement in the Healthcare Quality track is deeply and practically interwoven with clinical and academic operation of the department of Neurology. As part of the program, Neena and Susanna will:
  • Attend 3 weeks of classroom-based training
  • Lead the monthly Morbidity and Mortality session for the department of Neurology
  • Participate in a root cause analysis or  investigate a patient safety net in clinical neurology
  • Attend regular meetings of the Quality Improvement team
  • Complete a Capstone project in the area of Quality Improvement, and present this work at a national meeting
Projects undertaken by residents who have passed through the Healthcare Quality track have produced practical and lasting improvements. For example, class of 2016 resident David Coughlin worked to understand and prevent the rapid return of patients to the Neurointensive Care Unit.


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