The Cortical Ribbon

The Junior Resident year is a time when trainees learn neurology at a rapid clip. Three members of the Class of 2020 created The Cortical Ribbon to record and reflect upon this experience. Lindsay Raab, John Best, and Duriel Hardy produce the twice-monthly blog, with topics that include interesting cases, faculty interviews regarding career paths, and deep dives into the literature.

The editorial team of adult and pediatric residents uses the Ribbon as a way to learn and connect. Lindsay Raab says "I learn best by writing down and formulating creative ways to think about cases, so the blog is a way for me to remember what I see." She also notes that it is a great way to stay in close touch with Duriel Hardy and the rest of the pediatric neurology group as they move through training. The blog began as a monthly, emailed newsletter.  "We have transformed it from an email chain to a dedicated website," says John Best. "People seemed to enjoy it, so we kept going."


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