Penn Neurology residents at AAN 2018

The annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology will be held in April in Los Angeles, California. Several Penn neurology residents will be presenting their work in poster and platform sessions.


  • On the feasibility of natural language processing of epilepsy clinic notes. Pouya Khankhanian, Nikitha Kosaraju, Colin Ellis, Jay Pathmanathan, John R Pollard, Ingo K Helbig, Brian Litt, Kathryn A Davis
  • Effectiveness of Intravenous Dihydroergotamine for Pediatric Headache: Does Headache Diagnosis Matter? Sara Fridinger, Christina Szperka
  • The Cardiovascular Impact of Intravenous Dihydroergotamine for Pediatric Headache Patients. Sara Fridinger, Christina Szperka 
  • Characterization of Features of PHACE Syndrome on Fetal MRI and Natural History of Postnatal Management. Ana G. Cristancho, Drew Streicher, Arastoo Vossough, James R. Treat, Daniel J. Licht, Jenna L. Streicher


  • Acute serum GFAP, NF-L, Tau, and UCH-L1 predict CT pathology and 3-month outcome in TBI. J. Podell, M. Haber, F. Corley, J. Tue, D. Wilson, A. Ferguson, E. Yuh, P. Mukherjee, K. Wang, A. Valadka, A. Puccio, D. Okonkwo, G. Manley, R. Diaz-Arrastia


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