Changing of the JAR guard

On July 1, Penn Neurology residents from the class of 2020 completed their Junior Residency (JAR) year, graduating to Senior resident status and taking on the guidance of the new, class of 2021 JAR group.

Adys Mendizabal, class of 2020 social-chair, provided an update on the traditional JAR-SAR dinner outing that marks the occasion:

We reserved a private room at 24 Wood-Fire Fare, and had a nearly 100% attendance by the incoming JAR class (2021). Every SAR (2020) NOT on call attended. We had the incoming class write down questions and worries about JAR year. We put these in a porcelain bull (representative of the strength/tenacity they will gain next year!) and then the SARs took turns answering questions and alleviating worries.
Hanna made "JAR jars" with some "on-call" essentials, including a map of HUP including the best late night snacks, toothpaste, Starbuck's gift cards, and homemade freshly baked cookies

Perhaps most impressive of all, the newly-minted SAR class demonstrated their power by carrying around Andrew Olsen, who is accustomed to being the lifter, not the lifted.


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