The Penn neurology connection and recognition by the American Neurological Association

The American Neurological Association recognizes the accomplishments of academic neurologists. At the 2018 meeting, all three recipients of the Derek Denny-Brown Young Neurological Scholars awards in basic and clinical science had a Penn connection.

Pictured from the right are:

  • Lauren Sansing (Penn Residency class of 2006), recognized for her work on "Inflammation and Resolution after Intracerebral Hemorrhage- Lessons from Mouse and Man"
  • Peter K. Todd (Penn Residency class of 2008), recognized for his work on "How Repeats Break the Rules to Cause Neuro-degeneration"
  • Alice Chen-Plotkin, MD (Penn Neurology faculty), recognized for her work on "Big Screens and Where You Go from There: Towards Translation in the Neurodegenerative Diseases".


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