Residents / Class of 2018

Kelley Humbert, MD
Harvard Medical School 2014

I enjoy anything that involves being outdoors, including hikes, bike rides, anything by the beach. I always enjoy a good sporting event, and play tennis and volleyball. When residency permits, I travel as much as possible, usually centered around scuba diving locations.

I am interested in global health in particular among the Latino communities both within and outside the United States. I am planning on pursuing a career in general neurology with a subspecialty focus in neurovascular medicine given the rapid rise in vascular risk factors along with obesity in the Latino communities, and will be staying at Penn for my stroke fellowship next year.

Fellowship: Neurovascular fellow at University of Pennsylvania

Eric Kaiser, MD, PhD
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine 2014

I am a classically trained clarinetist.  Consequently, I spend a lot of time listening to music, especially classical music, opera, and musical theatre albums, and attend various performing arts events including the Philadelphia Orchestra and Opera Philadelphia.  I am also a sports fan, and having grown up in Wisconsin, my loyalties are to the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Clinically, I am interested in headache medicine, especially helping patients with episodic and chronic migraine, medication-overuse headache, cluster headache, and TBI-induced headache. I am interested in uncovering the mechanisms of migraine and photophobia, particularly using animal models to explore pathophysiology with the goal of developing new therapeutic tools for patients.

Position: Instructor at University of Pennsylvania     

Pouya Khankhanian, MD (ResearchGate)
University of California San Francisco 2014

I enjoy total body relaxation, kitten fostering, the outdoors, eating something I never ate before, seeing something I've never seen before, going somewhere I've never been before! (also 98.1 KISS FM the bay area's old skool on iheartradio)

I am interested in basic science, genetics, genomics, immunology, and "big data", and statistics!

Fellowship: Epilepsy fellow at University of Pennsylvania

Joyce Lee, MD
University of California Irvine 2014

I enjoy running, especially along the Schuylkill River Trail; trying new foods and eating out, which I then try to make up for by running some more.

I am interested in medical education, specifically on how medical education programs can assess their own effectiveness and optimize educational experiences for medical students and residents.

Position: Joyce is continuing her training in Data Science in San Francisco

Noah Levinson, MD
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine 2014

When I'm not working, I enjoy gardening, cooking, homebrewing, biking, and playing Spikeball. I also have a cute little pup named Jackson, and my wife and I enjoy taking him to the dog park or hiking on the weekend.

During residency, I've become fascinated with the weird and wonderful world of neuromuscular disease, and I'll be staying at Penn for Neuromuscular fellowship next year. I also love working with medical students and younger residents, and hope to make medical education an important part of my career.

Fellowship: Neuromuscular fellow at University of Pennsylvana

Laura Mainardi Villarino, MD
Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine 2014

I enjoy biking, running, and playing tennis.  I love to travel during my free time, especially to my hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I have a professional interest in epilepsy, palliative care, medical education, and health disparities.

Fellowship: Epilepsy fellow at University of Pennsylvania

Lauren McCollum, MD
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine 2014

After several post-college years of soul-searching in New York (during which I earned an MFA in Creative Writing at NYU and held various jobs), I had an epiphany one evening -- a career in medicine was the path for me. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a neurology resident here at Penn. Other pursuits that lift my spirits include hiking, running, writing, playing games, and enjoying Philly's great selection of restaurants.

During the course of my residency, and especially during my multiple clinical electives at the beginning of my PGY-3 year, I realized that the field of neurodegenerative disease offers the intellectual challenge, the exciting and active research opportunities, and the chance to support patients and their families through some of the most difficult and heartbreaking diagnoses imaginable.

Fellowship: Cognitive neurology fellow at University of Pennsylvania

Armina Omole, MD, PhD (Google Scholar)
Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine 2014

I enjoy playing soccer and salsa dancing. I also love traveling.

I have a background in addiction research but I am interested in stroke, epilepsy and research.

Fellowship: Epilepsy fellow at University of Pennsylvania

Chris Perrone, MD
University of Massachusetts Medical School 2014

I grew up around Boston and completed my internship at Beth Israel, but my pronunciation of the letter "R" in words may fool you. In moving to Philadelphia, I already knew that I like any Italian food, but the city has opened my eyes to the tasty variety out there. And, in helping to learn the cityscape, I also run quite a bit.

In pursuing neurology, I started in neurocognitive research and ventured into clinical studies in MS patients, which has developed my interest in neuroimmunology. I also enjoy teaching and aim toward a career as a clinician educator.

Fellowship: Neuroimmunology fellow at University of Pennsylvania

Jamie Podell, MD
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine 2014

I love traveling and doing just about anything outdoors - can't wait to go to Tanzania with FAME and to travel around Africa afterwards! Outside of work, I am a new puppy mom and try to keep up with my hobbies of drawing, painting, knitting, and conquering whatever new DIY project inspires me. I also enjoy playing on many of our neurology intramural sports teams.

I have a background in cognitive and neuropsychiatric research but have loved my time in the neuro ICU and am excited to pursue fellowship training in neurocritical care.

Fellowship: Neurocritical Care fellow at University of Maryland

Johannes Pulst-Korenberg, MD, MS (Google Scholar)
University of Michigan Medical School 2014

I am a tea fanatic and am currently trying to grow my own on my balcony. My dream is to perform a medically themed stand-up comedy routine someday, or to get an onion-style article published in an online journal. I enjoy most generally nerdy things.

I am interested in healthcare policy, specifically how the US achieves similar outcomes to other economically developed nations, why we spend around twice as much, and why we can’t seem to change. Healthcare decision-making and incentives on the part of patients are other related interests – why do humans make poor long term decisions for short term gain?

Fellowship: Neuroinfection fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital 

Ana G Cristancho, MD, PhD (CV)
University of Pennsylvania, 2013
Pediatric Neurology

I enjoy eating at awesome Philadelphia restaurants and biking the River Trail. I'm trying to travel to all the continents by the time I'm 35 - although I accept I might not have the cold survival skills for Antarctica. I have a conflicted relationship between being a Neurologist and college football fan (Go Canes!)

I'm interested in neonatal brain development and how it is effected by perinatal insults, like hypoxic ischemic injury. I'm also interested in genetic disorders of developmental regression.

Sara Fridinger, MD
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 2013
Pediatric Neurology

I enjoy spending time outside - going on bike rides or jogs on the river trail and taking daytrips to the beach. I love good food, trying new restaurants, making meals, and baking cookies.

I am interested in pediatric neurology. I have not decided on one particular area of focus yet although I have done clinical research about demyelinating disease.

Rachel Gottlieb-Smith, MD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 2013
Pediatric Neurology

I love spending time outside with my family around Philly, from biking along the Schuylkill River Trail to hiking in Wissahickon Park. I also really enjoy playing tennis.

I am interested in Pediatric Neurology.

Naomi Lewen, MD, PhD
Weill Cornell Medical College 2013
Pediatric Neurology

I spend some of my free time at the Clark Park playground and riding my bike with my family on the Schuylkill and Wissahickon, or to the zoo. Such is life with a toddler.

I'm interested in pediatric epilepsy.


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