How to Apply

We seek applicants who have excelled academically and have consistently demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment in their endeavors. We value diverse experiences and interests, including basic, clinical, or translational research, global health/healthcare disparities, medical education, patient safety and quality improvement. The University of Pennsylvania is committed to the principles of inclusion and diversity to enrich the educational experience by bringing together people from a variety of beliefs, perspectives and backgrounds. Every application is evaluated as a whole, including grades, activities, and letters of recommendation. Consequently, we do not have minimum performance requirements for application.

Application Requirements

Standard ERAS application requirements:
  • Personal statement and CV
  • Medical school performance evaluation (Dean's letter) & Medical School Transcript
  • Photograph
  • USMLE Step I score (a passing score on the first attempt required)
  • Three letters of recommendation (a fourth letter from Internal Medicine or Department Chair will also be considered)
Foreign medical graduates:
  • Valid ECFMG certificate 
  • Must successfully pass the ECFMG Clinical Skills Assessment test (CSA) 
  • Recent U.S. clinical experience (at least 3 months experience within the past 2 years)
  • We will support either J1 or H1B visas

Click here to submit your application:  (ERAS ACGME ID: 1804121102)

We have thirteen adult neurology residency positions. There are two options available. We encourage all applicants to apply for both positions.

  • Four-year program (Categorical: 7-10 positions NRMP 1628180C0): matched applicants complete a preliminary internship in the Department of Medicine at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) followed by three years of neurology residency at HUP.
    • There is no separate interview process or application for the preliminary internship at HUP
  • Three-year program (Advanced: 3-6 positions NRMP 1628180A0): matched applicants complete a preliminary internship at a hospital of their choosing, followed by three years of neurology residency at HUP. 
    • Applicants interested in completing their preliminary internship in Philadelphia are encouraged to apply to Pennsylvania Hospital Department of Medicine. (ERAS ACGME ID: 1404111376)
    • We do not accept transitional internships.

Interview selection

All applications are reviewed by the Program Director. Interviews are offered starting in October. Interviews will be scheduled during October, November, December. See the Planning Your Interview Visit page for more information. 

For further questions or requests about your application, please contact Vanna Hing:

Telephone: (215) 662-3370


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