Residents & Career Paths

Our residents work with world-class clinicians and researchers in every field of neurology. This diversity is reflected in the areas of focus they pursue after residency.

Meet some of our current residents and their residency classes. An alumni directory is also available.

Class of 2024

Felipe J. S. Jones, MD

Universidad Federal da Bahia, Brazil, 2018

Class of 2025

Michael A. Perez, MD

University of Pennsylvania 2021

Class of 2026

Alec Gibson, MD, PhD

University of Washington School of Medicine, 2022

Class of 2026

Tochi P. Eboh, MD

Texas Tech University 2023

Graduate Career Paths

Beyond residency, we position our trainees for excellence in Fellowship training and career advancement.

Over the last 10 years, two-thirds of our residents have remained at Penn to complete their Fellowship training. In many cases, these Fellowship programs combine further clinical experience with research activities. Support for Fellowship research comes from both R25 Fellowship support as well as several training grants held by faculty within Neurology.

The remaining one-third of our residents elect to leave Penn for their Fellowship and choose positions at top institutions across the country. Over the past ten years, these institutions have included Partners, UCSF, Mayo Clinic (Rochester), Michigan, NYU, Columbia, Northwestern, Rush, UCLA, Emory, and Johns Hopkins.