Ranking Penn

Guidance on placing Penn on your rank list.

The Penn Neurology Residency offers both Categorical positions with a preliminary internship in the UPHS system, and Advanced positions with a guaranteed preliminary internship in the UPHS system if desired (see below for details). We encourage all applicants to rank both programs.

Categorical program

There are 10 categorical positions. All categorical positions include a year of internal medicine training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP).

For the Categorical program, rank 1628180C0

Advanced program

There are 4 advanced positions. All advanced positions offer a guaranteed year of internal medicine training at Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH) if you wish.

For the advanced program, rank 1628180A0.

You will then need to create a supplemental rank list of preliminary programs. Instructions here:

Once you have ranked the advanced program, it is then possible to search for the PAH program. Rank 1639140P1 for the linked PAH intern year.

Note that there is a different code (ending in P0) that is not available for the advanced program. Please do not try to use this code.

If you prefer a different program for your PGY1 year, then rank your preliminary year program of choice first in your supplemental list along with our advanced neurology program (1628180A0).

There is no risk of not matching into the PAH preliminary program even if you do not rank it first. These four positions are reserved for Penn neurology until an applicant matches into our advanced program and an intern year, either at PAH or a different preliminary program that the applicant has ranked higher. Only after all four advanced positions are filled are any unfilled PAH preliminary intern positions made available to be filled by a non-neurology preliminary applicant. Therefore, we recommend ranking the PAH program (1639140P1) somewhere in your list as it guarantees you a preliminary medicine internship, just like a categorical program.

For further questions

If you have any questions please contact:

Vanna Hing
(215) 662-3370