We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes resident wellness while providing outstanding training.

Attention to well-being is critical to career satisfaction, and to helping our residents provide better care to their patients and work collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams. We accomplish this goal by nurturing personal wellness through self-care, and by building stronger relationships inside and outside of the hospital.

Wellness Days and Days Off

Residents have at least 6 days off per 4 weeks of work during both adult inpatient and outpatient activities, and at least 7 days off per 4 weeks of work during electives (an increase from the 4 days mandated by the ACGME). In addition, residents on electives and outpatient rotations are given at least one morning or afternoon per rotation free of clinical activities for further self-care such as medical or dental appointments, more opportunities to exercise, or pursue other extracurricular interests.

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Team-Based Approach to Patient Care Overnight and On Weekends

Beyond the additional wellness days off to address the total hours of work performed by trainees, we are also committed to avoiding unreasonable work load during your time at the hospital. On our HUP consult service overnight, there are always 2 providers to distribute the consult volume and ensure there is adequate time to perform a thorough evaluation of each patient without overwhelming an individual provider. Similarly on weekends, we have at least 2 daytime providers on our HUP consult service, HUP neurovascular inpatient service, and Pennsylvania hospital service. Our HUP inpatient services have a weekend cap of 10 primary patients per provider.

Advanced Doctoring Curriculum

Each resident class participates in a confidential Advanced Doctoring curriculum, staffed by external facilitators who guide residents in reflecting on the challenges of their new role as physician and neurologist. Our PGY-2 residents meet as a class twice per month, the PGY-3 residents monthly, and the PGY-4 residents monthly. This fosters a strong sense of connection within the residency class.

Relationships with Colleagues Outside the Hospital

The University of Pennsylvania Neurology Department organizes multiple events for residents and faculty to interact in-person outside of work, including happy hours, Phillies games, theater trips, barbecues, departmental intramural teams, and an annual ski trip. Residents in all classes are divided into 5 small groups (Pods) who get together for residency supported monthly social events, such as dinner, movies, yoga, or trivia.

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