Planning Your Interview Visit

We will hold interviews beginning in November and continuing through January. All interviews will be conducted virtually.

We will conduct interviews by remote video connection (e.g., Zoom). We understand that there may be internet or other technical issues outside of your control. We promise that we can adapt to your circumstances and conduct your interview using a different video conference system or by telephone if needed.

Information session and Resident meet-and-greet

On the Monday prior to your interview day we will hold an information session during which you will learn about our program and our current residents. This is a chance to interact with our chair, Frances Jensen, program director, Raymond Price, associate program directors, Geoffrey Aguirre, Laura Stein, and Kelley Humbert, and our program coordinators, Vanna Hing and Cristian Nieves. We will spend about 90 minutes describing our health system and department, the preliminary year and residency, diversity and inclusion, and career development. Following a break there will be another 75 minutes for you to interact with our residents and the other applicants that week.

Interview day

Each of our interview sessions is about 4 hours. We have morning sessions beginning at 9:30 AM ET and ending at 1:35 PM ET, and mid-day sessions beginning at 11:45 AM ET and ending at 3:45 PM ET. During your interview session, you will attend our noon educational conference, have time set aside to meet more of our residents, and interview with the program leadership. You will meet with our program director, Raymond Price, and two of our associate program directors, Geoffrey Aguirre and Laura Stein. Depending on the day, you will also meet either Kelley Humbert, the other associate program director, or Amy Pruitt, our clerkship director and vice chair of education.

Optional Mentor Meetings

Based on your background and interests, we can arrange additional virtual meetings with other members of the neurology department, as well as Penn faculty from across the University at a mutually convenient time that does not need to be during your chosen interview day.

Optional In-Person Second Look

We will offer 4 dates for in-person second looks. On the evening prior to the second look, there will be an opportunity to interact with our residents socially. On the day of the second look, applicants will attend morning conference, rounds and noon conference. This experience is solely for the benefit of the applicant to help them make their ranking decision. There will not be an opportunity for applicants coming for a second look to have additional meetings with programmatic leadership. Our program will not consider whether an applicant attended a second look visit when making our rank list.

Progam leadership

Raymond S. Price, MD

Professor of Clinical Neurology, Program Director, Neurology Residency

Laura Stein, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology, Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency

Kelley Anne Humbert, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology, Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency

Geoffrey K. Aguirre, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurology, Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency

Rohini Samudralwar, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology
Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency