Residents / Class of 2020

Moe Hein (Harry) Aung, MD, PhD (Google Scholar)
Emory University School of Medicine, 2016

I enjoy quality time with my family and friends - sharing a meal, playing board games, traveling, watching movie, etc. I also like to play sports such as basketball, volleyball, and ping-pong.

 I am interested in neuro-ophthalmology and will complete a neuro-ophthalmology fellowship next year here at the University of Pennsylvania. I am also very interested in continuing my research endeavors, especially in the realm of translational research - understanding the underlying pathogenesis of retinal and neurological diseases and developing potential therapeutic targets or means.

Sheena Baratono, MD, PhD
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania 2016

I love trying out the many amazing restaurants in Philadelphia and trying to recreate the best meals. I love traveling abroad and exploring new cities. When I get a chance I try my hand at painting and photography.

My research background is in basic immunology and I'm interested in bringing that to neurology to study the nervous system. I also am very interested in the philosophical underpinnings of perception and cognition and plan on a cognitive neurology fellowship with exposure to brain stimulation.

John Best, MD (ResearchGate)
University of California San Francisco, 2016

I enjoy cooking, especially East and Southeast Asian cuisines. My life leveled up when I discovered a Burmese grocery store in South Philly last month. Time away from work is predominantly spent outdoors, be it cycling, climbing or hiking.

My past work has been in global health in Asia. Moving forward, I hope to understand the disparities of neurologic disease burden and improve access to therapies. I have particular interests in neurodegeneration and will complete a cognitive fellowship next year at the University of California-San Francisco Memory and Aging Center.  

Alice Cai, MD (Google Scholar)
Washington University School of Medicine, 2016

I enjoy painting, piano, karaoke, and rock climbing

I am interested in neurologic physical exam, learning techniques in medical education, as well as sleep and plan on a sleep fellowship next year.

Molly Cincotta, MD (Google Scholar)
University of Virginia, 2016

My personal interests include reading, mainly fantasy but really I will devour anything that comes with a strong recommendation. I also enjoy writing both fiction and creative nonfiction and hope to write about medicine and neurology someday. In my spare time I enjoy board games, escape rooms and playing with my dog, Sirius. 

Academically I am interested in medical education and trying to find better ways of training medical students and residents. Clinically, I am interested in movement disorders and will complete a movement disorders fellowship next year here at the University of Pennsylvania.

Daniel Cristancho, MD MBE
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 2016

I enjoy exploring new recipes from the New York Times Cooking section, baking bread, and a good Netflix binge. My puppy Charlie is expectedly full of energy, so playing fetch and teaching him new tricks is becoming a common pastime of mine as well.

Academically, I am interested in medical education, quality improvement, and the intersection of Neurology and Medical Ethics. I enjoy inpatient clinical practice and am considering a career path as a Neurohospitalist after my neurovascular fellowship next year here at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Kyra S. O'Brien, MD (Google Scholar)
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania 2016

In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. While I have no musical talent of my own, I enjoy listening to music every day, especially alternative metal and classic rock.

Clinically, I am interested in cognitive neurology and will complete a cognitive disorders fellowship next year here at the University of Pennsylvania. I have an interest in both basic science and clinical research and would like to explore the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s dementia.  

Adys Mendizabal, MD, MA (Google Scholar)
Temple University School of Medicine, 2016

I'm a big sports fanatic, particularly of college football (Go Canes). I love cooking all sorts of dishes and also love exploring new restaurants around Philadelphia. I also enjoy running and since moving to Philadelphia I've ran in the Broad Street Run as well as the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Also, as the good Cuban that I am, I often go salsa dancing with other co-residents/fellows.

From an academic standpoint, I am interested in Huntington's disease, and I'm currently applying to a Movement Disorder's fellowship. Besides a clinical interest in HD, I'm interested in a research career focusing on genetic epidemiology and health outcomes in Huntington's and other movement disorders. I have also been heavily involved in Diversity and Inclusion efforts throughout the years, with an emphasis on health equities education, health care disparities research, as well as residency recruitment efforts. Independent of my research interest, I look forward to continuing an active involvement in diversity and inclusion efforts throughout my career.

Hannah Machemehl, MD (Google Scholar)
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, 2016

I spend my free time finding green space in or outside the city and discovering which bagel shop is indeed Philly's finest.

I am interested in the social infrastructure surrounding neurological disease, quality improvement and neuromuscular neurology and will complete a neuromuscular fellowship next year at the Partners Neurology program.  

Andrew Olsen, MD
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 2016

I enjoy spending time outdoors, keeping up with recent developments in physics and neuroscience, lifting weights, and listening to music (I generally listen to either rap or classical, oddly enough). I am currently splitting my free time between Philadelphia and New York, where my girlfriend lives, and I enjoy exploring both cities and trying new restaurants whenever I can.

I enjoy various aspects of neuro-ophthalmology, stroke, neuro-critical care, and epilepsy as well as quality improvement. In this context, I have decided to pursue a position at an academic institution as a neurohospitalist immediately after residency. 

Lindsay Raab, MD
University of Wisconsin School Of Medicine and Public Health, 2016

In my free time I enjoy sampling all of Philadelphia's amazing restaurants and walking along the river trails with my husband and dog. I am also an avid sports fan and love watching or attending Wisconsin Badger football and basketball games. Of course, my hobbies wouldn't be complete without mentioning my love for Netflix marathons.

I am most interested in neurocritical care and will complete a neuro-cirtical care fellowship next year here at the University of Pennsylvania. I plan on being very active in medical education and quality improvement as well and plan to stay in academic medicine as a teacher and clinician.   

Vishnu Anand Cuddapah, MD, PhD (Child Neurology) Google Scholar
University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2015

I enjoy all things that involve being outside and art. I love discovering new parks with my wife and 2 boys, as well as trying to set the annual record for number of visits to the Philadelphia Zoo.

I am interested in understanding the genetic basis of pediatric neurological disease. I hope to pursue a career in translational research.

Duriel Hardy, MD (Child Neurology)
Duke University School of Medicine, 2015

I enjoy eating/trying new restaurants in Philly, going to the beach, and watching sports.  I also enjoy running competitively and I am currently training for a half marathon in the fall.

I am interested in demyelinating diseases

Amisha B. Patel, MD/MPH (Child Neurology)
George Washington University School of Medicine, 2011

I enjoy traveling and I try to sky dive somewhere new every few years.

I am currently interested in pediatric headache and TBI.

Brian F. White, MD (Child Neurology)
Drexel University College of Medicine, 2015

I enjoy mountain biking and I run a Tough Mudder every year with my dad and younger brother. I've been playing guitar since I was 13 years old.

My undergraduate degree is in sports medicine, and I'm very interested in sports-related neurological injuries, specifically concussion. I also really enjoy working with pediatric and adult neuro-oncology patients.


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