Residents / Class of 2021

Melissa Asmar, MD MSc (Google Scholar)
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 2017

I enjoy running, cooking, and exploring the restaurants in Philadelphia. I spend a lot of time in the beaches and mountains in my home state of North Carolina, as well.

I am interested in epilepsy, undergraduate medical education and quality improvement, and next year will be pursuing an Epilepsy fellowship at Emory.

Michael Baer, MD MBE (Google Scholar)
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2017

Outside the hospital I enjoy exploring Philadelphia's many neighborhoods on foot or bike, reading the Sunday Inquirer in my patio garden or local cafes, and waiting for the 76ers to make the finals again.

I will be pursuing a neuromuscular fellowship at UPenn, and I hope to incorporate medical education and medical ethics into my future career.

Jesse Cohen, MD (Google Scholar)
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2016

I enjoy playing soccer, doing yoga, and buying old records. I am also an avid gardener and budding birder. Additionally, I like learning new languages; I speak Spanish, some French and I am currently working on Japanese!

I am interested in the interaction between the immune and nervous systems. In medical school I focused on autoimmune encephalitis, investigating aspects of its clinical diagnosis and economic burden. I am planning on a movement disorders Fellowship.  

Anne Douglas, MD (Google Scholar)
University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, 2017

A Philadelphia native, I enjoy exploring the city's ever-changing restaurant scene, visiting old favorites and new exhibits at museums, and attending shows at the theaters on Broad Street. Also, I love baking, group exercise classes of all kinds, and binge-watching quality not-so-quality TV

I am passionate about medical education and hope to pursue an academic career with a large educational component, and next year will be a neurohospitalist fellow at UCSF.

Jessica Fan, MD (Google Scholar)
Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, 2017

I enjoy trying new foods, whether it's in my kitchen or in a restaurant. In my free time, I also like to dance, hike, swim, and travel.

I am interested in public health research and neuroepidemiology. Specifically, I aim to study modifiable risk factors for neurologic illness. Next year I will pursue a Multiple sclerosis fellowship at UCSF.

Andrea Fuentes, MD (Google Scholar)
University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, 2017

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, doing Pilates, and exploring different foods near and far. In my alternate life, I would be a travel food writer.

I will be pursuing a movement disorders fellowship. My research interest thus far has been in movement disorders, with an emphasis on progressive supranuclear palsy.

Alexander Gill, MD, PhD (Google Scholar)
University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, 2017

I have always loved hiking, camping, and the great outdoors. I have a strong passion for cooking, particularly experimenting with new foods, styles, and flavors and I enjoy hosting dinner parties. I like gardening and in the summer I grow my own herbs and vegetables. When I have the time, I love to travel and explore new cultures and cuisines.

My academic interests include neuroimmunology and neuroinfectious disease. I hope to pursue a career in academic medicine studying the role of immune activation and inflammation in causing neuronal dysfunction, particularly in the setting of CNS infections and inflammation-associated neurodegenerative disease. Next year I will be a neuroimmunology fellow at Johns Hopkins.

Farhan Khan, MD (Google Scholar)
Allama Iqbal Medical College, 2014

I am very passionate about sports especially cricket and soccer. I spend my spare time watching old cricket matches and closely follow my favourite soccer team Manchester United. When I’m not travelling with my wife, I like to hike and run.

I am very interested in learning about the pathophysiology behind wake-up strokes. I will be continuing my training during a Neurovascular fellowship at Penn.

Adam Kruszewski, MD (Google Scholar)
University of Maryland School of Medicine, 2017

I love music, and over the years I have enjoyed singing in choirs, musical theater and opera productions, a cappella groups, and a medical student band. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, jogging, trying new cuisine, and traveling whenever I can. I grew up mostly in the Washington, D.C. area but my family roots lie within northeast Philadelphia, so I am thrilled to return to the city that has felt like home for so many years.

I will be a neuro-ophthalmology fellow at Penn next year.

Cody L. Nathan, MD (Google Scholar)
Temple University School of Medicine, 2017

I enjoy running outdoors, skiing, watching live music, and reading fiction novels. In my spare time I also play the acoustic guitar and create new recipes for cooking. I grew up spending summers at the beach and take any opportunity I get to spend time outside by the water.

I am interested in finding solutions to health disparities amongst patients with neurological diseases, especially epilepsy. I am also interested in medical education and hope to incorporate teaching into my career. Next year I will undertake an Epilepsy fellowship at Northwestern.   

Geoffrey Noble, MD, PhD (Google Scholar)
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, 2017

I enjoy baking bread and cooking. In the summer I like to ride my bike, and in the winter I enjoy playing hockey (like any good Canadian).

My research interests are at the intersection of  neurodegeneration and neuromuscular disease. Next year I will be a Neuromuscular fellow at Partners.

Valerie Feryal Sidhoum, MD (Google Scholar)
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 2017

Outside the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my family (including my puppy Roxie and turtle Boxie), watching baking shows (and sometimes actually baking), taking barre classes, running outside, and traveling.

I plan on continuing my interest in neuromuscular dystrophies during a neuromuscular Fellowship at Penn.

Zach Roberts, MD (Google Scholar)
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 2017

My major hobbies include music (I play the bass) and theatre (mostly the behind-the-scenes stuff).  Despite living in Philly for over a decade, I'm still a Mets/Giants/Rangers/Knicks fan and there's nothing you can do to change that.  Other things I like include biking, reading, and making it sound like I do more than binge-watch Netflix with my free time.

I will be an Epilepsy fellow at NYU next year. 

Marissa Anto, MD, MSc (Child Neurology)
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2016

I studied art history in college and enjoy exploring the art of wherever I live. My background is in public health research and I am interested in studying the effects of adverse childhood events on neurodevelopment and headache disability at the community and population level.

Stephanie Brosius, MD, PhD (Child Neurology) (Google Scholar)
University of Alabama School of Medicine, 2016

In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors whether it is hiking with my family, traveling, racing triathlon, or drawing al fresco. In the event of inclement weather, you can find me curled up with a good novel or exploring one of Philadelphia's many museums with my husband and daughter.

My academic interests include neurocutaneous disorders, neurogenetics, and neurology-oncology. I want to pursue a career in academic medicine and seek to balance clinical duties with basic and translational research.

Jillian McKee, MD, PhD (Child Neurology) (Google Scholar)
University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, 2016

In my free time, I enjoy going to the shore, exploring different Philadelphia neighborhoods and just hanging out with my husband and daughter. I love antiquing, interior design and touring old houses.

I am interested in exploring the breadth of pediatric neurology. Currently, I am most intrigued by epilepsy and neonatal neurology. I eventually hope to get back in the lab.

Jaclyn Tencer, MD (Child Neurology)
Jefferson Medical College, 2016

Outside of the hospital, I love playing volleyball, hiking (especially during Autumn), traveling and spending time with my family.

I am very interested in sub-specializing in Epilepsy. I love learning about the variety of treatments of epilepsy, including old and new including medications, dietary treatments and new surgical options. My goal is to work closely with the epilepsy community outside of the hospital through organizations such as the Epilepsy Foundation. I hope to focus on ways to improve not only the health of my patients, but also to be part of an interdisciplinary team that improves quality of life.


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