Adys Mendizabal, MD, MA

Temple University School of Medicine, 2016

I’m a big sports fanatic, particularly of college football (Go Canes). I love cooking all sorts of dishes and also love exploring new restaurants around Philadelphia. I also enjoy running and since moving to Philadelphia I’ve ran in the Broad Street Run as well as the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Also, as the good Cuban that I am, I often go salsa dancing with other co-residents/fellows.

From an academic standpoint, I am interested in Huntington’s disease, and I will be pursuing a Movement Disorder’s fellowship at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Besides a clinical interest in HD, I’m interested in a research career focusing on genetic epidemiology and health outcomes in Huntington’s and other movement disorders. I have also been heavily involved in Diversity and Inclusion efforts throughout the years, with an emphasis on health equities education, health care disparities research, as well as residency recruitment efforts. Independent of my research interest, I look forward to continuing an active involvement in diversity and inclusion efforts throughout my career.

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