Emily Liu, MD

Stanford University School of Medicine, 2018

I was born in China but lived in 6 different states before coming to Philadelphia for residency. I’ve happily munched on different regional cuisines from smoky Arkansas BBQ to the blue crabs of the Chesapeake Bay to the warm, farmer’s market peaches of Northern California. Amidst this moveable feast, I cultivated a passion for art and writing – I’m a known doodler and scribbler. You’ll also find me on the hiking trials or bounding around the rock climbing gym.

My academic interests are in bioethics/neuroethics, medical humanities, and medical education, particularly as they relate to questions of professional identity formation and physician burnout. I’m still deciding on my overarching clinical path, but cognitive neurology, epilepsy, neuropsychiatry, and neuro-oncology are potential areas of focus!

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