Felipe J. S. Jones, MD

Universidad Federal da Bahia, Brazil, 2018

I am fascinated by all subspecialties of Neurology and my training at Penn has only nurtured even more this broad interest. I ultimately decided to pursue a fellowship in Neuromuscular diseases given my captivation by deductive reasoning, localization, electroneurophysiology, and neuromuscular cases. I intend to pursue an academic career that combines time on outpatient neuromuscular clinic with focus on immune-mediated diseases and inpatient general neurology. My research interests include leveraging epidemiological methods such as causal inference and decision theory to improve the quality and value of care provided to patients with neuromuscular and other neurological conditions. My current research projects in residency include the evaluation of efficacy/safety of combined therapies for hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis (hATTR) and investigation of biomarkers for early diagnosis of hATTR neuropathy.
I will be pursuing my Neuromuscular fellowship training at Mayo Clinic (Rochester/MN).

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