Kelly Boylan, MD

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, May 2020

I have lived in the Philly area for nearly 10 years now, and my husband and I are so grateful for the supportive community we have cultivated here. A perfect Philly day would involve going for a run on the Schuylkill river while fawning over every dog along the way, brunch at The Gold Standard in West Philly, FaceTiming with my family, and biking to a picnic dinner with friends (and stopping for ice cream on the way home!!).  Within neurology I am very excited to be applying for an epilepsy fellowship. I am interested in functional neurological disorders, and spend a lot of time considering the best ways to communicate these diagnoses, provide longitudinal care for patients, and teach learners about functional disorders. I’ve also loved working with Philly’s Latinx immigrant community at Puentes de Salud.